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Events in 2016
WordCamp 2016

It's time for "WordCamp Milano 2016"! The event will be hosted by the University of Milano-Bicocca on October 21 and 22. WordCamps are events organized by local WordPress Communities, aimed at networking and at raisingr awareness about WordPress, the most used and famous online publishing platform in the world. During these events, fans and experts meet and discus about technologies, tools, services and everything that concerns WordPress and Web technologies. WordCamp Milan 2016 will be an event of international importance, with experts from all over the world and in-depth initiatives, designed for people of all levels of ability, from programmers to amateurs.

WordCamp Milano 2016 is a two-day event: the main day, Saturday, October 22th, will be a conference, based on two parallel tracks, with contributions from national and international speakers, both in Italian (about 70%) and English. The conference will begin at 9:00 and end at 18:00. Friday, October 21th, will be the "Contributor Day", a day of collective work and workshops, dedicated to the maintenance and improvement of the WordPress platform. Contributor Day will begin at 9:30 and end at 17:30.


Date: from 21 to 22 October  2016

Luogo: Unimib

Sito web:

Drupal Developers Days

The Drupal Dev Days are a non-profit event organized by the members of the Drupal community for the Drupal community since the year 2010. The previous editions were held in Europe in Szeged, Dublin, Barcelona, Brussels and Montpellier. The goal of the event is to contribute to the dissemination of technical knowledge related to the usage of the Drupal CMS. The DDD are addressed to an audience of developers and IT professionals, as well as to anyone planning to invest their time to expand their knowledge in IT.

Participants will find a relaxed and informal environment in which chatting with professionals willing to share their culture and to answer questions from the audience.

The event will include a series of talks on arguments  relevant for the Drupal community. In addition, the event hosts sprints, intensive coding sessions devoted to squashing bugs, upgrading modules, start and/or complete development tasks.


Date: from 21 to 26 June  2016

Luogo: Unimib

Sito web:

BSDate for Open Innovation

BSDate for Open Innovation is a networking event aiming to engage all the stakeholders (researchers, practitioners, industries, PA) who are interested in Open Innovation.
The dialogue at the event will be on topics like: smart healthcare and patient engagement, smart city and open data, user engagement and partecipation, industry 4.0 and design driven innovation.

BSDate for Open Innovation is the third of a round of meetings promoted by the Open Innovation platform communities of Smart Healthcare, Smart and Social Living and Social Inclusion funded by Regione Lombardia. All participants will be involved in two activities: the first one is a discussion about the themes in agenda, being both industrial case studies and in progress projects; the second one, called Open Work, is an opportunity for interaction, conversation and networking.

Date: May 19, 2016

Location: Unimib

Web site: -

Open street map and scientific research
The open data production is costantly growing and such data are becoming more and more relevant also in the scientific comminuty. Among others the use of geographical data  are very useful for urban research, and spatial analysis. UniData- Bicocca Data Archive, with the collaboration of Wikimedia organizes a public seminar on OpenStreetMAp to show how to exploit it for the research community.

Date: 10 Maggio 2016

Location: aula “de Lillo”, Edificio U7, 2° piano, dell’Università di Milano-Bicocca

Web site:

Italian C++ Conference

The first Italian conference dedicated to the C ++ programming language. It is organized by the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communications, and the C ++ community. RogueWave, the world leader in software development support tools, sponsors the event.

The agenda includes talks from James McNellis - senior engineer of the Visual C ++ Team in Redmond – and form other Italian professionals.

The event is open to all the interested persons and participation is free.

Date: May 14, 2016

Location: Aula Magna, Building U6

Web site:

BiblioHackDay 2016

The BiblioHackDay 2016, now in its third edition, is a development competition organized by the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communications, the Unimib Library, and the iBicocca Project, in collaboration with the Municipality of Cinisello Balsamo, the Pertini cultural center, and the Consorzio Sistema Bibliotecario Nord Ovest.

The BiblioHackDay is a team competition with the aim of creating apps, games, interactive installations or any other stuff that increase the user experience of cultural venues. The 2016 theme is Hacking Culture Experience: exciting new ideas that make the experience of cultural venues.

The competition is open to all the interested persons and participation is free.

Date: May 6, 2016

Location: Villa Forno, Building U46

Web site:

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