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Business intelligence

Docente: F. Stella

Crediti: 6 CFU

Descrizione e Programma del Corso


The course aims to provide the student with strong skills in the design and development of computational models, algorithms and software solutions for Business Intelligence. The course will discuss several industrial case studies where unstructured data and information are exploited to improve the business wealth and opportunity of a business company. Industrial case studies include: customer profiling and segmentation, cross-selling, intrusions detection, call center management, homeland security, stocks and hedge fund selection, ... The presented methodologies are Text Mining and Web Mining.Skills: The student will acquire specific skills which allow him/her to formulate and to solve several kinds of Business Intelligence problems. Furthermore, the students will be capable to design and to develop computational algorithms and software systems for automatic knowledge extraction from unstructured data (textual data).


  • 1.Introduction to Business Intelligence
  • 2.Text Mining and Text Mining Tasks
  • 3.Basic WWW Technologies
  • 4.From Textual Information to Numerical Vectors
  • 5.Using Text for Prediction
  • 6.Introduction to Classification
  • 7.Bayesian Decision Theory
  • 8.Nearest Neighborhood
  • 9.Supervised Neural Networks
  • 10.Support Vector Machines
  • 11.Information Retrieval and Text Mining
  • 12.Unsupervised Neural Networks
  • 13.Finding Structure in a Document Collection
  • 14.Looking for Information in Documents
  • 15.Human Behavior on the WEB
  • 16.Commerce on the WEB

Books and material : Teacher's Slides and several WEB Resources

Examination : Software Project and oral discussion




Further readings
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