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Biologia Computazionale

Biologia Computazionale


Prof. Marco Antoniotti

Data e Luogo

Tuesday  (10:30 - 13:30) - U14-t014 (U14) and Thursday (13:30 - 15:30) - U14-t014 (U14)

Start: 2 October 2012

End: 20 December 2012

Motivazioni e obiettivi

The “Computational Biology” course for the master laurea degree will give students the opportunity to acquire knowledge about some of the most important techniques used in the field.  The course will primarily focus on biological systems modeling and on the integration of experimental data (gene-expression, proteomics, sequencing).  The course will also present some of the current research activities of the BIMIB lab, with special regard to intestinal crypts modeling.


The syllabus listed hereafter may be subject to changes.  The topics list is long and may or may not be covered in its completeness; new topics may be added during in the syllabus as needed.

  • Representations of biological systems: models and computational issues.
  • Model databases and and metabolic, regulatory, and intra- and intercellular signaling networks (e.g., BioModels and KEGG); SBML, KGML and CellML formats.
  • Simulation systems for metabolic, regulatory and intra- and intercellular signaling networks.
    • Gillespie algorithm and variants: limits and relationship with Montecarlo methods.
    • Spatio-temporal models: in-lattice and off-lattice simulations.
    • Boolean models, their generation, and their interpretation as “interaction networks”.
    • Multicellular and multiscale simulation.
  • Gene-expression, sequencing and proteomic data integration in simulation frameworks, by means of statistical analysis and modeling of biological phenomena variation and progression at the biomolecular level.
    • Temporal ordering reconstruction of samples on the basis of genomic measures.
Modalità di svolgimento

Lectures and Labs

Modalità d'esame


Materiale didattico

Lecture notes

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