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Ubiquitous and Adaptive Systems: Innovation-Driven Modeling and Design

Alessandra Agostini & Claudia Raibulet



Period and location

December 2nd, 2014     15:00 T023

December 10th, 2014    15:00 T014  

December 11th, 2014    10:30 T014 

December 17th, 2014    15:00 T014 

December 18th, 2014    10:30 T014 


DISCo, U14

Topic - Aim organization

1.         Introduction to Ubiquitous and Adaptive Systems: definitions, features, motivating examples

2.         Types of adaptivity: structural, behavioural, compositional, content-based, service-oriented

3.         Possible categorizations of context-aware systems

4.         Internet of Things (IoT) and Innovation-Driven Design; Interaction Design

5.         Engineering user-centered adaptivity

            a.         Adaptivity at the architectural level: the MAPE (Monitoring, Analyzing, Planning and Executing loop)

            b.         The Reflection Architectural Pattern

            c.         Decision Support Systems

            d.         Context: modelling and exploiting context information

6.         Application domains & case studies in ubiquitous computing & mobile-enabled environments

7.         Open Issues

            a.         Evaluation of adaptivity

            b.         Integration and cooperation of adaptive systems

            c.         Modelling behavioural vs content-based adaptivity

            d.         The death of ubiquitous computing

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