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Valsecchi Andrea

My current research area is combinatorial optimization. I'm working on both the development of search heuristics inspired by biology (such as Genetic Algorithms and Genetic Programming) and the understanding of their theoretical aspects. Both my B.Sc. final report and my M.Sc. thesis, written under the supervision of Leonardo Vanneschi and prof. Giancarlo Mauri, were devoted to these task.


So far, I have attended the following courses:

  • Modelli di Calcolo e Complessità Computazionale (prof. Giancarlo Mauri, University of Milan-Bicocca)

I also attended the following courses at Bertinoro international Spring School 2009 (March 2-13, 2009)

  • Andrea Valsecchi, Leonardo Vanneschi: A Study of Some Implications of the No Free Lunch Theorem. Evo Workshops 2008: 633-642
  • Leonardo Vanneschi, Giancarlo Mauri, Andrea Valsecchi, Stefano Cagnoni: Heterogeneous cooperative coevolution: strategies of integration between GP and GA. GECCO 2006: 361-368
Further readings
  • Per informazioni
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