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Tesi di dottorato

 Ciclo XXVI

Codecasa Daniele -  “Continuous Time Bayesian Network Classifiers”

Castaldi Davide Fabio - “Network Based Simulation on HPC for Translational Medicine: an Application to Anticoagulation”

Corchs Silvia Elena - "Image Quality Assessment for Digital Documents”

Corolli Luca - “Deterministic and Stochastic Optimization for Heterogeneous Decision Phases in the Air Traffic Domain”

Furlan Axel - “Robotic Perception for Autonomous Navigation” 

Maj  Carlo - “Sensitivity Analysis for Computational Models of Biochemical Systems”

Panzeri Emanuele - “Enhanced XML Retrieval with Flexible Constraints Evaluation”

Rula Anisa - “Time-related Quality Dimensions in Linked Data”



Ciclo XXV

Amato Paolo - “Swarm-Intelligence Strategy for Diagnosis of Endogenous Diseases by Nanobots”

Manenti Lorenza - “Agent-Based Proxemic Dynamics: Crowd and Groups Simulation”

Beretta Stefano - “Algorithms for Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis”

Gesso Iade - “Making End-Users Autonomous in theDesign of their Active Documents”

Li Pei - “Linking Records with Value Diversity”

Mangioni Elisabetta - “Modularity for System Modelling and Analysis”

Manzoni Luca - “Dynamics of Bioinspired Computation”

Luca Panziera “Service Matchmaking: Exploiting the Web”



Ciclo XXIV

Bernini Diego -  “Architectural Abstractions for Spaces-based Communication in Responsive Environments”

Castelli Mauro -  “Measures and Methods for Robust Genetic Programming”

Marini Fabrizio -  “Content Based No-Reference Image Quality Metrics”

Porreca Antonio Enrico - “The Time-Space Trade-Off in Membrane Computing”

Zanoni Marco - "Data mining techniques for design pattern detection" 



Calabria Andrea - Data Integration for Clinical Genomics

Farinaccio Antonella - Computational Intelligence Approaches: From Time Series to Data Driven Gene Regulatory Network

Gatti Elena - Graphical models for continuous time inference and decision making

Magatti Davide - Graphical Models for text mining: knowledge extraction and performance estimation

Mascheroni Marco - Hypernets: a Class of Hierarchical Petri Nets

Mosca Ettore - Membrane Systems and Stochastic Simulation Algorithms for the Modelling of Biological Systems

Pinardi Stefano - Movements Recognition with Intelligent Multisensor Analysis

Santoro Mauro - Inference of Behavioral Models that Support Program Analysis



Ciclo XXII

Bianco Simone - Color Correction Algorithms for Digital Cameras

Bonomi Andrea - Dissipative Multilayered Cellular Automata Facing Adaptive Lighting

Cazzaniga Paolo - Stochastic Algorithms for Biochemical Processes

Comerio Marco - Web Service Contracts: Specification, Selection and Composition

Giordani Ilaria - Relational Clustering for Knowledge Discovery in Life Sciences

Maggioni Stefano - Design Pattern Detection and Software Architecture Reconstruction: An Integrated Approach based on Software Micro-structures

Manfredotti Cristina Elena - Modeling and Inference with Relational Dynamic Bayesian Networks

Merico Davide - Tracking with High-density, Large-scale Wireless Sensor Networks

Pastore Fabrizio - Automatic Diagnosis of Software Functional Faults by Means of Inferred Behavioral Models

Pirola Yuri - Combinatorial Problems in Studies of Genetic Variations: Haplotyping and Transcript Analysis



Ciclo XXI

Barone Daniele - Data Quality Management in Coopetitive Information Systems

Felloni Sara - Decoherence, Inaccuracy and Errors in Quantum Information Processing

Fersini Elisabetta - Probabilistic Classification and Clustering using Relational Models

Marzorati Daniele - Uncertainty Modeling in 3D Vision-based S.L.A.M.

Merelli Ivan - Analisi della correlazione fra struttura e funzionalità acromolecolare tramite descrittori locali delle superfici proteiche per lo screening nelle simulazioni di docking

Redaelli Stefano - At-a-distance Interaction in Cellular Automata and Situated Cellular Agents: the case of crowd dynamics modeling, simulation and analysis



Ciclo XX 

Brandizi Marco - Managing Microarray Knowledge with the Semantic Web

Calegari Silvia - Fuzzy Ontology and Applications

Colombo Alessandro - Occlusions in 3D Face Recognition

Farina Fabio - Self-organization and Dynamic Load Balancing in Grid systems and applications

Gallini Alberto - Computational and Programming Models for Molecular-scale devices based machines

Locatelli Marco - Design of Ubiquitous Collaborative Environments Supporting Coordination and Awareness in an Integrated Way

Lorenzoli Davide - A Technique for Designing Self-Protecting Enterprise Applications

Orciari Stefano - Integration of 3G and Wireless LAN Architectures: A perspective on Authentication and Fast Handoff

Pescini Dario - Modelling, analysis and stochastic simulations of biological systems

Toscani Daniele - Probabilistic Models for Sequential Data Analysis




Ciclo XIX

Adorni Marzia - Architectural Reflection in Multichannel Adaptive Information System: Knowledge vs Guess

Bianucci Daniela - Rough Entropies For Complete and Incomplete Information Systems

Cabitza Federico - Cooperation Through Webs Of Documental Artifacts: A Framework For The Provision Of Awareness Information

Stefani Marco - Algorithms For The Analysis of Biological Sequences

Tosi Davide - Self-managed Solutions For SOA-based Applications



Brambilla Marco - Informazione, Correlazioni e Frequenze di Scarica Neuronali: sui Nuovi Costrutti Metodologici per l'Analisi di Serie Temporali in Neurofisiologia

Ciocca Gianluigi - Dynamic Visual Summaries for Video Retrieval

Colombo Ettore - Knowledge Artifacts from an Artificial Intelligence Perspective

Colombo Gianluca - Representing And Managing Designers And Engineering Core Knowledge: Ontological And Procedural Knowledge Integration

Cusano Claudio - Face Recognition using Three-Dimensional and Multimodal Images

Loregian Marco - Supporting Interaction in Contextualized Knowledge sharing

Mosca Alessandro - A theoretical and Computational Inquiry into Compounding Problem

Novati Gianluca - A multispectral imaging system

Pellegri Paolo Giuseppe - Loss-less and semantic near - loss -less compression of photographic multispectral images

Splendiani Andrea - Integration of Ontologies and High - Throughput Data in Bioinformatics

Ventura Alfonso - Online Computational Algorithms for Financial Markets






Ciclo XVII

Dondi Riccardo - Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica - Computational Problems in the Study of Genomic Variations

Mariani Leonardo - Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica - Behavior Capture and Test: Dinamic Analisis of Component Based System

Mereghetti Paolo - Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica The Management of Structured Case-Bases: a Distributed Architecture for Organizational Memory

Mosca Roberto - Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica - Computational Methods for the Analisis of Genomic Data

Sartori Fabio - Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica - Complex Knowledge Structure Management: a Conceptual and Computational Framework Based on CBR

Trentini Andrea - Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica - Reflective Quality of Service Management in the Real-Time Performers Architecture

Vizzari Giuseppe - Dottorato di ricerca in Informatica - Dynamics interaction Spaces and Situated Multi-Agent Systems: from a Multi-Layered Model to a Distribuited Architecture


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