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Workshop and School on Cancer, Systems and Complexity 2014
Period and location

Como Lake, Sept. 28th 2014 -- Oct. 2nd 2010



Villa del Grumello

Topic - Aim organization

Cancer is a complex disease involving several intertwined phenomena and events, which collude to unleash the tumor cells’ inherent programs to proliferate, live, and move. Thus it is the malfunction of the biomolecular machinery responsible for the “checks and balances,” normally governed by various complex feedback loops among a population of various cell types. Breakdown of this machinery leads to uncontrolled growth that ultimately costs the very survival of the host.

Understanding the many intricacies of all these interactions at the subcellular, cellular and tissue levels has greatly benefitted from the ever-improving applications of algorithmic, statistical and mathematical modeling tools. Moreover, in the past 15 years, new measurement technology for gene expression and, more recently, “deep” genome sequence data, has produced vast amount of data – waiting to be analyzed to deliver new interpretations. The design of novel “wet” experiments and appropriately matched algorithmic, statistical and mathematical modeling tools are expected to become the key to successful oncological science and practice.

The Workshop and School on Cancer, Systems and Complexity seeks to convene researchers from various related disciplines to explore multiple facets of the challenges posed by cancer – a “disease of the systems.” The workshop will provide opportunities for the researchers to exchange new ideas and viewpoints, forge new collaborations and train the next generation of young scientists.

Final Examination
Operating methods
Educational Material
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