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Mattavelli Andrea

E-mail: andrea.mattavelli<at> 

Telephone: +39 02 6448 7853 

Room: T033

Current position: Development of concolic testing techniques for the automatic generation of test cases for embedded software

I am currently taking part in the PINCETTE Project, a European research project with the purpose to implement an innovative solution for automatic detection, localization and repair of regression faults in networked devices. Our work is focused on the problem of integrating static and dynamic analysis techniques to generate high structural code coverage.



In March 2011 I obtained a Master Degree cum laude in Informatics at the University of Milano - Bicocca, defending a thesis concerning Model generation for interface test case selection that I developed at the Laboratory of Test and Analysis (LTA), where I worked in the research group lead by Prof. Mauro Pezzè. During this internship, I collaborated in the definition and development of two innovative techniques on the problem of generating system test cases for GUI applications.

My first academic research experience dates back to my Bachelor Degree in Informatics (2008), during which I collaborated in the development and experimentation of a self-healing technique for concurrency problems under the supervision of Dr. Leonardo Mariani and Dr. Fabrizio Pastore at the Laboratory of Test and Analysis (LTA). This technique has been adopted within the self-healing framework developed during the SHADOWS Project, a European funded project for the improvement of the reliability of complex software systems by implementing an innovative software solution for the automatic detection, localization, and healing of faults.

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