Seminario "Reinforcement Learning: from Foundations to Meta Learning" - Lecture 2


Lecture 2: martedì 21 novembre 2023


15:30 – 17.45 (1 hour seminar + QA)

“Sala Seminari” - edificio Abacus (U14)



Dr. Matteo Hessel

Google DeepMind


Lecture 2: Deep Reinforcement Learning


In this lecture we discuss the opportunities and challenges that arise when integrating deep learning and reinforcement learning in order to build powerful agents, capable of mastering complex skills in a wide range of domains. We also discuss several of the most exciting real world applications of deep RL.


Short Bio:

Matteo Hessel is a Staff Research Engineering Manager at Google DeepMind, Honorary Lecturer at University College London, and a co-organizer of the Mediterranean Machine Learning summer school. His research focuses on the integration of deep learning and reinforcement learning methods for building increasingly intelligent agents, capable of mastering a wide range of skills across diverse domains. 


contact person for this Seminar: prof. Matteo Palmonari