Once enrolled

Through the Departmental Orientation Commission (chaired by Prof. Alberto Dennunzio), the Department organizes various ongoing orientation initiatives during each academic year. These are mainly meetings with the main objective of making students of the bachelor's and master's degree more aware of the choice of their educational path with particular reference to the courses to be included in their study plan.

Orientation initiatives during the BD in Computer Science

In detail, the Department organizes a meeting with freshmen of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with the aim of illustrating the functioning and services of the Degree, as well as meetings to present the optional courses.

At this link it is possible to retrieve information on ongoing orientation relating to the BD in Computer Science, and the names of tutors.

BD in Computer Science: ongoing orientation


Orientation initiatives during Master's degrees

Furthermore, the Department organizes meetings to present the elective courses of the Master's Degree Courses in Computer Science, TTC and Data Science.

At this page you can find the Presentation calendar of the elective courses of the Master's Degree in Computer Science, while below you will find the link for ongoing orientation of all Master's Degree Courses, as well as the names of tutors.

Master's degree in Computer science: ongoing orientation

Master's degree in Data science: ongoing orientation

Master's degree in TTC: ongoing orientation