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QA - Teaching

In line with the University’s proposed actions, the control and monitoring of teaching quality is entrusted to the Quality Assurance (QA) Management Group.

The names of the Teaching Quality Assurers are indicated on the pages for each course.

The QA Management Group is responsible for:

  • annually drawing up the SUA-CdS, the Annual Monitoring Form and the Cyclical Review Report;
  • monitoring students’ career development, their opinion on educational activities, their satisfaction at the end of their studies and the employment status of graduates, including through the analysis of external databases;
  • checking, through periodic meetings with representatives of the labour market, the correspondence between the proposed training activities and employment demands;
  • acquiring and analyzing the reports of the Joint Teacher/Students Committee; analyzing the Annual Report of the Evaluation Committee.

Following the activities described above, the QA Management Group is in charge of defining any corrective actions or improvement measures and proposing them to the Teaching Coordination Council for approval and implementation.