Educational offer


The Department's educational offer is divided into three successive levels of study:

  • a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science,
  • three Master Degrees in Computer Science, Theory and Technology of Communication (TTC), and Data Science respectively,
  • a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

The Department also organizes and coordinates first- and second-level specializing postgraduate programmes.

Degree Courses

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

The Bachelor Degree in Computer Science prepares qualified professionals with a solid core of computer science skills, enriched by conceptual structures and methodologies founded both in the scientific tradition and in the humanistic and socio-economic one. The acquired skills are both directly expendable in a labor market characterized by high demand and the basis for a prosecution of studies, towards higher levels of professionalism.

Master Degree in Computer Science

The Master Degree in Computer Science trains professional figures able to face complex problems in an autonomous way, to identify the most appropriate solutions, to cover roles of responsibility and coordination in production contexts, to contribute to technology transfer and research development.

Master Degree in Theory and Technology of Communication (TTC)

The Master Degree in Theory and Technology of Communication (TTC) (in collaboration with the Department of Psychology) intends to train a professional figure, competent in the technology-mediated communication areas, able to combine the knowledge and skills of the IT and psychological sectors.

Master Degree in Data Science

The Master Degree in Data Science trains professionals able to acquire, store, integrate, analyze and interpret large amounts of data.

After graduation

After obtaining a Bachelor’s or a Master's Degree, depending on the degree acquired, university education can be continued in first/second level postgraduate programme(s) respectively, or Ph.D. courses.