Outgoing Orientation

Through its Departmental Orientation Commission, the Department of Informatics, Systems, and Communication organizes, during each academic year, various outgoing orientation initiatives, both informative and educational. These are mainly meetings with two different objectives: to present the educational offer of the next cycle courses and to put students in contact with companies in the IT sector, as well as to help them prepare their CV and face a job interview.

  • Presentation of the Master's Degree Courses in Computer Science, Data Science and Theory and Technology of Communication (TTC) during a day in which lecturers, representatives of the business world and former students of these Study Courses take part. The meeting is addressed to the students of the Degree Course in Computer Science.
  • “Informatica al lavoro" (Computer science at work), an initiative organized in collaboration with the University's Job Placement office, which consists of cycles of meetings aimed primarily at students in the final year of the Bachelor's Degree Course and Master's Degree Courses and recent graduates of the above courses of study, with the aim of putting them in contact with companies in the IT sector. The meetings consist of seminars on CV and active job search and job interview simulations with CV check in collaboration with important companies in the sector.