Bbtween: New technologies, rights and society: the bio-enhancement. A reflection through cinema.


Bbetween 16 hours course (two 2 hours theoretical meetings and three 4 hours thematic meetings supported by movie watching) on new technologies, rights, and society with particular attention on human bio-enhancement.
The meeting will mainly focus on genetic bio-enhancement, the concept of cyborg, and neurotechnologies. Experts in law, ethics, computer science, artificial intelligence, neurorehabilitation, and neuroscience will be involved.
The course will allow students to obtain CFU for the Data Science course by presenting the Open Badge released after the participation in at least 4 out of 5 meetings and passing the final exam.
The course is proposed in collaboration with the Department of Business and Law, The Department of Law, and the Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication (RegAIns project).
The Organising Committee is composed by Dr. Marta Sosa Navarro, Prof. Francesca Gasparini, Prof. Carla Gulotta, Dr. Aurora Saibene, Prof. Silvia Salardi and Dr. Francesco Stocchi.

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