Masters Degree in Data Science

The Masters Degree in Data Science (LM Data - Data Science) has a duration of two years, and involves the acquisition of 120 university training credits (CFU) for obtaining the title. There are 12 exams (indicatively, 7 in the first year and 5 in the second year) that foresee the acquisition of 90 CFU. The remaining credits are acquired through other training activities such as internships and the final exam.

The study course has unlimited positions. Access requires verification of the possession of the curricular requirements and an interview to evaluate the personal preparation.

The official language ​​of the course is English.

At the end of the studies, the Master Degree in Data Science is released.

The Masters Degree allows access to a second-level postgraduate programme and a Ph.D.

The course of study aims to provide a solid cultural and methodological preparation in the emerging disciplines that deal with models and techniques of collection, management, and analysis of digital data, to improve the services provided, the administrative and business processes, the descriptive and predictive models used by administrations and companies, extracting value from digital data (business path) or optimizing the choice of models and analysis techniques (analytical path). The aim is to allow graduates to fill professional data scientist figures, both generalist, getting them used to interact with domain experts, and specialist ones, in the vast set of domains in which digital data are used, from medicine to genetics, from marketing to economic/financial applications, from physical sciences to human resource management.